Haley Shandro in Ghana for Truth X Vision

Photos by Shandro Photo, edited by their editor Gen

When? August 2015

Where? Ghana

What? Documenting the work of Truth X Vision, a non profit organization which helps local Ghanaians help themselves through micro-farming projects and clean water drilling.

From Haley: 

So many words come to mind when I describe my experience in Ghana, but the best way I can explain how I feel after my trip is GRATEFUL.  I live a comfortable life. I work hard, I have the luxury of being able to travel and socialize, I have a fairly low cost of living, and I have family and friends who love and support me. Going to the heart of the poorest neighbourhood in the capital city of Accra shocked me, and all I could feel was gratitude for the life I have.

I think that in North America we know that poverty exists in the world, we hear about third world countries, we see movies and TV shows and infomercials, and even photos like mine.  Until I physically stood there, and met people, and witnessed an entire neighbourhood getting their ‘clean’ water with a bucket out of a dirty hole in the ground I don’t think I really realized what it meant. 

Thank you to Haley for sharing her experience with us, and for volunteering her skill and talent to illustrate the great work of Truth X Vision.